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The issues of world climate change, increased urban air pollution and safe waste disposal dominate our lives and mean senior level environmentalists with a broad range of technical proficiencies are required more than ever in the UK and across the world.

Although more capital and research-based environmental programmes are being funded by government and the private sector specialist technical expertise is relatively limited. Legacy Resourcing's consultants have a unique insight into who and where these highly sought-after individuals are. With contacts close to the industry, we know what it takes to source the very best talent.

Legacy: we deliver

The environmental sector is both broad and highly specialised. When you are looking for experienced environmentalists it's important that your recruiter understands the requirements of both client and candidate. Legacy Resourcing has both the technical knowledge and the understanding of what motivates the individual candidate. We play an active and important part by sourcing the very best environmental experts in the world for key research and landmark projects. Through a combination of experience, understanding and in-depth market intelligence; we deliver on all assignments.

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Case Study

Client: Global Environmental Consultancy

Location: UK

Role required: Sector Director, Environment

Details: We were approached by a highly reputable Environmental Consultancy who were seeking to appoint a Director to lead both the Environmental business and the business on high level EDD projects and M&A.

How Legacy delivered: EDD is a very specific part of Environmental consultancy and it was a real challenge to identify a senior level director who would meet all criteria, especially as our client's competitors were bigger and more established in the market.

Result: Through persistence and in-depth research we provided the client with an excellent shortlist from which the successful candidate was chosen.